I am a software engineer with over 4 years of experience designing and developing web applications. I can code in Python/Django, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. I’ve also done some mobile app development in Android, and am working part-time on an iPhone app as well. Email me if you want more details or want to see my resume. I am interested in contract work on the iPhone or Android, or web development in Django.

What I’m Good At and Familiar With:

JavaScript – the core language (I’m a regular comp.lang.javascript reader, and I’ve actually read the EcmaScript spec too, I kid you not :)) as well as popular libraries like jQuery.
HTML & CSS – able to convert designs to HTML/CSS from scratch.
Python – as a scripting language as well as web development using Django.
PHP – excellent knowledge of PHP (I started in 9th grade with version 3 🙂 My recent projects have been done in 5.x) as well as frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP.
Relational Databases – good understanding of relational database concepts with experience in MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Java – some familiarity with the spring framework and hibernate. Also developed two small projects for Google’s Android operating system.

Other Cool Stuff:

I contributed a bug fix for Django 1.2. Just a couple of lines, hopefully more in the future…
I switched my wife over to using Ubuntu on her netbook 🙂 She recently declined using a Mac OS when I hackintoshed her netbook! (This should probably go to the top of the list ;)).
I was on the Dean’s List at my undergrad university for 3 years.
I won a programming competition and was the runner’s up in a software competition also at the same university.